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Your Next Stop for Training Deployments & More in Sacramento


DLA Fuel Location with No Landing, Ramp or Handling Fees

McClellan Jet Services services military aircraft 24/7, 365 days a year. We offer ample ramp space with no weight limits and competitive fuel prices, at Sacramento McClellan Airport. 

With unencumbered air space and minimal flight restrictions, our staff of highly-trained and experienced professionals is prepared to assist military personnel around the clock with fueling and other support services year-round. 

Our combination of location, runway and ramp capacity, range of services, security, and expertise makes McClellan Jet Services uniquely-equipped and an ideal FBO for military flight operations and training. Contact us to learn more. 

McClellan Jet Services Highlights 

  • Government Contract Fuel Available 
  • 10,600 X 200 ft. Runway 
  • Pacific Fuel Stop 
  • No Ramp Fees 
  • 54 Acres of Ramp Space 
  • Crew Cars 
  • Meeting Space 
  • ARFF on-site 
  • On-Site Catering 
  • Detail/Maintenance Contracts
  • Nearby Hotels & Dining

MJS regularly serves the U.S. Coast Guard, U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Navy, and the U.S. Air National Guard.

Military Flight Support in Sacramento 

McClellan Jet Services is a DESC Into-Plane Contractor authorized under DESC Contract number SP0600-06-D-0043.

Service equipment includes:

  • Wide-body Pushback
  • Wide body Airstairs
  • Belt loader
  • Air conditioning cart
  • 90 & 120 kVa GPUs
  • Air start
  • 6k, 10k and 25k forklifts
  • Four 10k fuel trucks

Read more about our service offerings and amenities.

Military Training Location in Sacramento 

Sacramento McClellan Airport is the military’s preferred Northern California location for conducting training exercises and maneuvers, and the dedicated McClellan Jet Services ground crew ensures a flawless experience from your initial arrival to your final departure. From concierge services including on-site catering and crew cars, to ground support including quick-turns and temporary towers, we invite you to see why we’re Sacramento’s favorite FBO. 

On-Site FBO of Sacramento McClellan Airport 

Sacramento McClellan Airport (KMCC) is the preferred airport by the military for flight and training operations. With a 10,600 X 200 foot runway and ample hangar and tie-down space available, the airport offers a convenient, secure location that can accommodate aircraft of all sizes. The airport offers several great neighboring local dining and hotel options, and its convenient location just minutes from Downtown Sacramento places it central to the Sacramento area’s top attractions.

No landing, ramp, or facility fees.